Journey with a dream

I have dreamt a little dream

Tucked it in, safe and snug

In that little corner of my mind

Resting, ‘til it feels that tug


When my heart gives a call

As it sees my eyes begin to awaken

The dream will break its slumber

The cloak of past defeats, gladly forsaken


I stand, eager and willing

To embark proudly into the night

With confidence my armor

And my only friend, the moonlight


Shadows no longer scare me

As they follow me down the road

My doubts and insecurities left behind

No worries, I’ve finally broken the code


I wade through the darkness

To reach the other side

My nervous shakes’ not a weakness

But a roar to the tide


I will swim through the tumultuous waters

Of destiny and time

The stars will no longer write my fate

Let the clock chime

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